Thurs: 4:00PM - 9:00PM, Fri: 12:00PM - 8:00PM, Sat: 10:00AM - 7:00PM, Sun: 10:00AM - 5:00PM


Get your photo taken with our Media Guests! Professional photographers from Epic Photo Ops will be on hand to capture that special moment in our photo op room. Each photo op includes an 8×10 photo that is printed within a couple of minutes (so don’t leave without it). You can even bring up to 3 friends/family to share the cost and get additional prints! Digital copies are also available.



The photo op time slots are strictly for photo ops only. Autographs are not permitted in the photo op area but you can get an autograph at the media guest’s table!

You can have up to four people (not including the media guest(s) in the photo at no additional charge.  So if you want to bring in three friends, or a spouse etc, you are more than welcome to do so!

Our photo-op provider is Epic Photo Ops.  If you have questions or concerns about photo ops (scheduling, fees, refunds, exchanges etc), please refer to their FAQ on their website or contact their customer service.

Epic Photo-Ops (our photo-op provider) has an exciting new system that  allows YOU to manage your pre-purchased photo op times, so you can maximize your Expo experience.

Initially, you will simply select the day you want your photo-op on. Epic will follow up with you closer to show-time and will send you your time and group-number. (Group-numbers are like zones for boarding a plane. Group 1 goes first, then group 2, etc.)

If your time/date/group-number doesn’t work with your schedule, you can change your own booking to fit your planning for the day. Simply create an account at and you can change your photo-op tickets to any of the available sessions for that Media Guest. (Note that you will only be able to change between available sessions that are not sold out.)

Admission to the Expo is required in order to redeem photo ops. If you are planning on purchasing photo ops, please make sure that you have also purchased the necessary pass to the

Photo ops are purchased per session and not per guest.  For example, if Stan Lee is doing photo ops Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will need to choose if you’re going to purchase a Friday photo op, a Saturday photo
op, or a Sunday photo op.

  • You do not need to line up ahead of time for your photo ops. Photo Ops are sold per session as opposed to per guest. There will be a limited amount of photo ops per session.  Once a session sells out, you can purchase photo ops for the next available session, and once they all sell out, no more will be available.
  • Photo Ops will be available to pre-purchase online (sale date Feb 14) – It is highly recommended that you purchase your photo ops in advance. If you wait to purchase on site then you run the risk of the session selling out.
  • Only a limited amount of photo ops are available per session. You only need to line up for your photo op 5-15 minutes beforehand. Lining up more than 15 minutes prior to your photo op will result in security asking you to leave the area until it is time for your photo op.
  • Please do not be late for your photo op – once the photo op line is finished the guests leave to go back to their autograph tables or to take breaks. If you arrive after the scheduled start time, and the guest has left the area, no refunds will be available.

No, autograph fees and photo op fees are separate.