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Our fandom-obsessed staff shares all the video games we can’t stop playing.

Last month, Playstation shared its first look at the new PS5 Controller, dubbed the 'Dualsense'. Along with rechargeable battery, and adaptive L2 and R2 triggers, this controller also features a built-in mic (no headset needed!) and haptic feedback that will “offer a variety of new sensations”. Seeing this sleek new controller for the upcoming PS5 made us look over longingly at our original PS2 controllers and think of how far we’ve come.

And indeed, we have come far. Here in 2020, there are almost too many consoles to choose from, and hot debates over which console is the BEST plague our gamer dreams. The video gaming landscape is consistently changing, as this year alone plans to see the release of not just the PS5, but       

  • Xbox Series X: Did you see that beautiful Halo trailer? Hello graphics!
  • Analogue Pocket: a new handheld, reminiscent of the Game Boy)
  • Polymega: Not just a console, but a system designed to preserve your retro games and;
  • Playdate: Which looks like Game Boy went through puberty and had a major glow up

With all these options, we’ve decided to cut it down to a very basic level – let’s forget about console wars for a moment and focus on the GAMES we like to play. The FAN EXPO HQ fam is stuck in self-isolation, which obviously means we’ve had ample time to play our favorite video games.

Here are our picks: 

Name: Quinn

Role: Social Media Coordinator

Pick: Pokémon Shield on Nintendo Switch

I have been playing a lot of Pokémon Shield lately! There are a lot of new features that I really like: camping lets you hang out with your Pokémon (which has actual in-game benefits), the Wild Area adds an element of open-ended discovery and Dynamaxing which super-sizes your Pokémon and makes any battle feel more epic. I like the small things, too, like the way that the whole team gets experience whenever you battle, so leveling up happens a lot faster! Those kinds of things make it much easier to jump in for the first time or jump back in if you’ve only played some of the older gens.

Name: AJ

Role: Operations Manager

Pick: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PS4

I'm currently playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PS4. My group of friends (Clan) and I like to play on Hardcore Mode which is basically a realism mode. One shot frags, no radar or cross hair on your screen. In my opinion, is it the highest level of competition which uses your pure skill and instinct in 1st person shooters. My favorite mode within Hardcore would probably be Cyber Attack. It's six vs. six game where you must plant an EMP on as server to disable it. The winner is the first team to win five rounds. I really am enjoying this because it’s also such a great social experience. I get to hear and talk to my group of friends while we play.

Name: Ansley

Role: Programming Coordinator

Pick: Animal Crossing, Bio-Shock, Last of Us on Nintendo Switch and PS4

Like the rest of the world, I'm busy paying off a fictional mortgage to Tom Nook. When I'm not fishing or catching bugs, I'm revisiting one of my all-time favourites, Bio-Shock, and am about to start a replay of the Last of Us – counting down until June 19th! I guess nothing says quarantine quite like playing in a post-apocalyptic world!  

Name: Lizzie

Role: Operations Coordinator

Pick: Skyrim / Elder Scrolls on XBOX 360

I get it, PS4 Skyrim graphics are superior, and when I’m back to being able to play on my friend’s consoles, I’ll be there in a split second. So until I can be outside again, running along the river and shouting into the sky, I’ll stay indoors and fill up on sweet rolls. There’s something about being the Dragonborn that makes self-isolation that much better. Skyrim is my happy place…although it may be tied with Echo Base on Battlefront I (yeah, I just took it old school).

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