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Our resident cheeky fan-cat poses questions and opposing arguments to spark debate.

Welcome back to Cat Fight! It is I, the infamous and iconic, Chattermouth the Cat back again with an exciting (and controversial) question in the world of pop culture for you human beings to consider. Let’s begin.

QUESTION: With nothing but time on our hands--or more inclusively, paws--I’ve finally completed Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind, thereby completing the series. Now I wonder: Was Kingdom Hearts III a big waste of time?

YES -- Nearly two decades after the original game’s release, the final game of the core trilogy, Kingdom Hearts III ended in the most mediocre fashion. Mere moments after defeating the final boss, Sora, Riku, and Kairi are separated and shuttled off to different universes AGAIN! With the lack of a real resolution for the trio’s journey and the use of an over-exhausted story device, all that is left is a feeling of emptiness after all the hours invested into the game. Now listen, final chapters that feel like time well spent for a long series are hard to come by — just ask those sad Game of Thrones or Half-Life fans. But robbing your battle-worn characters and your fans of a moment of peace before you hawk the inevitable to-be-delayed sequel is, in short, heartless.

NO -- As one accidentally wise character mentions in Kingdom Hearts III, “None of this...makes sense to me”. If that doesn’t capture the fun spirit of Kingdom Hearts and what fans have come to embrace over the years, what does? SO WHAT if the story never ends? KH III quite literally embodies the lesson: “the real treasure was the friends we made along the way”. There’s no such thing as wasting time when you’re checking back in with the adventurous cast of characters from Sora to Goofy — remember when this game had other Disney characters? Sure, it’s no masterpiece, but it's a game about never-ending bonds that provides a perfect escape from reality. Though it would be nice if a feline icon, like Cheshire Cat, could reappear in future iterations.

Follow us and tell us (the HQ Staff, not me) what you think! Time to live my best life playing Animal Crossing.

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