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Get to know the Calgary Fan Meetups Ambassadors! This group will be putting together events, screenings, and more in your area.

Name: Teigan Blondin

Bio: Hey there, I'm Teigan. I'm a Ramen Enthusiast, Bubble Tea Connoisseur, Improviser, Theatre Tech and Geek. I love food, community and arts and creating opportunities for my nerdy community to get together. At Fan Meetups, I’m  looking to bring the experiences of the fantastical to life. I have a flair for the dramatic and can't wait to cook up some great events for my YYC nerd community.

Interests: Star Wars · 90s Anime · Avatar the Last Airbender · Adventure · Food · Costuming

Name: Shannon Barritt

Bio: Hi, I’m Shannon! A mild-mannered office worker by day (outside of the Pandemic), super nerd by night. I'm part of Starfleet International, aboard the USS King Edward as the Chief Medical Officer. I'm also a big fan of fantasy, D&D, supernatural stories and LOTR. I’m a crafter and I sew anything from cushions to corsets, including making costumes for myself and others.

Interests: Cosplay · Doctor Who · sewing · writing · sci-fi · reading · Costuming · Star Wars · DC · Marvel · Instagram · conventions · movies · TV · X-MEN · Creative Writing · Dungeons and Dragons · LOTR · Babylon 5 · Star Trek · Farscape · Elfquest

Name: Shawn Trainor

Bio: I’m Shawn, and I’m a big geek. I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, video games, and lots of other epic fandoms. I’ve been costuming for about 20 years-- I’ve been a member of several Star Wars costuming clubs (501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs) and have commanded local units of all three at one time or another. I also enjoy snowboarding, martial arts, hiking, and painting along to Bob Ross.

Interests: Star Wars · Snowboarding · Martial Arts · Costuming · cosplay · sewing · Achievement Hunter · sci-fi · education · Hiking

Name: Morgan Sawchuk

Bio: Hello! I'm Morgan, I have been a lifelong fan of "geeky" and "nerdy" things. I have always loved video games, like Animal Crossing and StarDew Valley, and I love reading. I read everything, but mysteries are my favourite. I also love traveling, so that's what I like to save my money towards.

Interests: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Sherlock, Orphan Black, TVD, Star Wars, LOTR, Animal Crossing, Death Note, BTS, Drawing, Painting, Writing, Making Jewelry, Learning Languages (Currently Korean and Mandarin), Events, Playing Video Games

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