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Our amazing cosplay competition is back for 2020! Five cities, 5 regional champions, one Master of Cosplay. Sign up below to enter your regional qualifier. The winner of the competition will travel to Toronto to compete for the FAN GURU Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix title and a cash prize of $5000.00!

Registration closes: Friday, April 3, 2020


  • All contestants must hold a valid entry ticket to the convention for the date of the competition and prejudging

  • All contestants must be 13 years of age or older to enter (groups with children under the age of 13 will not be allowed to enter the child that is under age).

  • Any prop or weapon must have passed inspection and be approved by the Weapons and Prop Compliance Team prior to the contest.

  • The contest organizer reserves the right to exclude any costume from the show that he/she deems inappropriate or for any reason the contest organizer determines to be sufficient. This decision is final and may not be appealed. Please remember that FAN EXPO HQ events are family friendly. Flagrant nudity will not be permitted.

  • No live animals will be allowed on stage, except for certified service animals if required by contestant.

  • No electrical power connections will be provided. If your costume requires power, it must be part of your costume design.

  • All entrants must PRE-REGISTER online prior to the contest

  • Costumes MUST be able to enter the stage area.

  • The contest director and representatives of FAN EXPO HQ have full authority to eliminate anyone from the competition on the grounds of unsportsmanlike conduct witnessed backstage, violation of the rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient. There is no appeal. Arguing with the director or representative may result in further action taken, such as a lifetime ban on participating in any future Expo Costume Contests.
  • All costumes MUST be at least 50% handmade OR altered. Commissioned costumes will only be allowed if the creator is present. All other store bought or commissioned costumes may only enter the Walk-On portion of the contest only (NOTE: It is at the discretion of the judges to decide if costumes are at least 50% handmade or altered).

  • Entrants in the costume contest CANNOT enter with the same costume that has won a major award at other costume contests or entered in a previous Fan Guru Master of Cosplay Grand Prix. (Entrants interested in entering with a costume for which they previously won an award may only enter in the Walk-On portion of the contest)

  • Any costumes that may cause harm to the contestant or other contestants and attendees will not be allowed. Entrants must be able to wear their costumes for the duration of the competition (2+hours) with no undue harm such as overheating, excess weight, bruising or lacerations, cutting off circulation to limbs etc. Contestants determined to be in medical distress by the contest organizers or FAN EXPO HQ staff will be removed from the competition and escorted to first aid. This decision is final and may not be appealed.

  • All entrants MUST be able to move on their own. Costumes that require assistance will not be allowed for entry.

  • The maximum size for group entries will be six (6) people.

  • Contestants are expected to obey all local, provincial or state and federal laws and bylaws governing the competition and the venue location. Those who do not comply will be removed from the premises and their badge will be revoked without prior warning. If the nature of the infraction is severe, the proper authorities will be contacted.


Each prospective contestant must complete the online registration form to be considered for a spot in the competition.

Registration does NOT guarantee a spot in the Fan Guru Master of Cosplay Grand Prix.

There will be no on-site registration for the Fan Guru Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix.

Entrant numbers for the Fan Guru Master of Cosplay Grand Prix 2020 will be capped at 45 (15 entrants per division.

Competitors will be selected by the Fan Guru Master of Cosplay Grand Prix contest organizers based on current progress of prospective contestant’s costume (s). Please note that costumes do not have to be completed at the time of entry.

Once pre-registration has closed, prospective contestants will be informed if they have qualified for the contest. A wait list will be available for those who missed pre-registration or did not initially qualify.

Contest Registration will require the following information:

  • Name(s)

  • Stage Name(s)

  • Age(s)

  • Division

  • Your Cosplay Character(s)

  • Where the Character(s) is from

  • A single paragraph description of how you made your costume(s) (please note that we do need an actual description of the cosplay’s creation and will be part of our determination on which entrants will make it into the contest)..

  • Photo of the character(s) that is being cosplayed

  • Photo of the costume’s current progress

PLEASE NOTE: Walk-On Registration will be available on-site on Friday and Saturday. Please check back for more details on time and location of the registration.


  The following prizes will be awarded to category winners:



  Divisions are categorized based on skill level as well as on the following criteria:


Contestants will be given a certain time slot for pre-judging on the Saturday of the convention. The time and location of the pre-judging will be sent to you by email prior to the show. Be sure to arrive early to check-in as some contestants may finish quicker than others and you may be judged earlier. Failure to arrive on time for your prejudging may result in disqualification.

 All entrants MUST be in costume during pre-judging

 Contestants will be judged on a point scale based of the following 3 criteria:

    1. CraftsmanshipHow the entrant made their costume, use of materials and creativity

    2. Likeness/DetailHow close the contestant resembles the character they are cosplaying/detail work on their costume

    3. PresentationHow the entrant presents their costume to the judges in pre-judging and how the entrant showcases their costume on stage during the contest

  • Each contestant will be given a maximum of THREE MINUTES with the judges. At this time, you will be judged on your craftsmanship and likeness, as well as your presentation during judging.

  • At this time, judges may ask if they can touch certain parts of entrant’s costumes to see detail work. FAN EXPO HQ strives to provide every cosplayer with a safe environment. Contestants will not be penalized for refusing to allow a judge to touch their person. Please inform the judges at the beginning of the judging period if you would prefer not to be touched.

  • Judges may allot for extra time if needed to judge contestants

  • All entrants are required to provide a build book for the judges, as well as reference photos of the character and costume you are cosplaying. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING THESE WITH YOU. Points will be subtracted from your final judging score if this is not provided for the judges.

  • Final points for judging will be awarded for stage presentation to the audience. Presentation is based on portrayal of the character on stage.


All contestants are required to appear on stage. Contestants are asked to arrive at the designated area one (1) hour before the contest begins. At this time contestants will be lined up as per their assigned order determined at check in. Each individual or group will have a maximum of one (1) minute of stage time. Should entrants go over the time limit, they will be disqualified from the contest.

Only registered entrants are allowed in the staging area. Please be aware that this means friends, children not participating in the contest, and animals (except for certified service animals) are not to accompany entrants. Should a contestant require a certified support person to be present please inform the contest organizers in advance.

Costumes must allow freedom of movement to navigate stairs. Should your costume present a safety risk to you, costume contest staff, venue staff and/or equipment or audience members you may be asked to walk in front of the stage.

Contestants are to arrive at the staging area in costume. Please, no sewing, gluing, spray painting, soldering, or welding in the staging area.


  • The emcee will read the contestants name, character and where the character is from as each contestant approaches the stage.

  • Contestants will be asked a question on stage about their costume. Contestants are encouraged to answer in character, but it is not mandatory.

  • FAN EXPO HQ will provide a soundtrack for all contestants. Music requests will not be allowed.

  • Contestants will walk from their entrance on one side across the stage to the opposite side exit.

  • Entrants must leave the stage as clean as it was when they first walked on it. Glitter, confetti, silly string, etc. will not be allowed on stage.

  • Absolutely no flame or pyrotechnical props are permitted due to fire regulations. FAN EXPO's primary concern is public safety.

  • Lighting requests (e.g turning the lights up or down or off) will not be accepted

  • Any prop or weapon must have passed inspection and be approved by the Weapons and Prop Compliance Team prior to the contest.

  • Profanity or statements regarding religious, political or any activities that are deemed unsafe will result in immediate disqualification from the competition

  • The throwing of anything at the audience is not allowed. This will result in disqualification from the contest.

Once the last contestant has exited the stage, the judges will deliberate. Contestants must remain in the staging area at this time. Contestants are not permitted to leave the staging area to join family or friends in the audience.


An additional fan vote will be facilitated through the official Fan Guru app. Once the competition has concluded, app users will be granted the opportunity to vote for their favourite costumes in each division. The entrant who receives the most votes per division will be awarded a Fan Guru Fan Vote prize. All entrants in the Fan Guru Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix competition that are 18 years of age or older will be deemed eligible and automatically entered for the fan vote.

Full rules and regulations regarding the Fan Guru Fan Vote can be found on the Fan Guru App.


These General Terms and Conditions for Online and Social Media Promotions (“Terms”) shall apply to all competitions, contests, sweepstakes and other prize-winning competitions and/or activities (“Competitions”) operated by FAN EXPO HQ or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (collectively, “Fan Expo”), via any website or social network account page owned or controlled (directly or indirectly) by Fan Expo.


Terms: Each Competition shall have its own set of rules governing the operation of that Competition, including, without limitation, eligibility, age restrictions, methods of entry, and prizing (“Competition Rules”). The Competition Rules for each Competition shall be set out separately at the time of the Competition and will be posted on the website or social network page. These Terms and the Competition Rules will be binding upon you when you enter or otherwise participate in a Competition. If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and any Competition Rules, the Competition Rules will govern, but only to the extent of that inconsistency. Entry and/or participation in a Competition will be deemed acceptance by you of the Terms and Competition Rules. Fan Expo reserves the right to amend these Terms or any Competition Rules at any time.


Entry to Competitions: Specific requirements for entry into a Competition will be set out in the Competition Rules. All sweepstakes will be free to enter and no purchase of any kind will be necessary unless otherwise specified in the Competition Rules. You must enter a Competition in the manner and during the period set out in the Competition Rules. Only one entry per person or email address, unless otherwise allowed by the Competition Rules. Fan Expo shall not be liable for lost, late, misdirected, inaccurate or corrupted entries whether due to human error, technical error, software or hardware failure, or otherwise. No entries will be accepted from agents, third parties, groups or entries automatically generated by computer. Incomplete, illegible or undecipherable entries will be void in Fan Expo’s sole discretion.


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Eligibility: Contests are open to all US and Canadian residents excluding Quebec, who are of the age of majority.

Employees, directors and officers, and their immediate families (spouses and siblings, parents and children and their spouses) and household members, of Fan Expo and its distributors, agents and third party entities involved in the implementation, execution, hosting and prize awards of the Competitions (“Competition Entities”) are not eligible to participate in the Competition.


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You represent and warrant that (i) your Submissions are all your own original work and that you have obtained all the required rights, consents, permissions and clearances necessary to grant the license set forth below; (ii) no content, materials or information used in your Submission infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party; (iii) you have not entered into any agreements with third parties that could impair Fan Expo’s right to use your Submission; (iv) any persons whose image is used in your submission has given their consent for such use and has waived any rights they may have in that image as incorporated into your Submission; and (v) you will provide to Fan Expo, at Fan Expo’s request, written confirmation that you have obtained all required rights, consents, permissions and clearances referenced in this sub-section.

Your Submission must not contain any (i) pornography, nudity or sexually explicit imagery; (ii) lewd, obscene, offensive, hateful or abusive imagery or language; (iii) harassing, disparaging or defamatory content; (iv) content that compromises the privacy or safety of yourself or others; (v) content that demeans a particular gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, race, ethnicity or nationality; (vi) violent or dangerous behavior; and/or (vii) spam, advertising or other commercial activities; or (viii) any other type of content that is indecent, immoral, discriminatory, or portrays or encourages illegal activity.

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Winner Selection: Winner(s) will be selected at a time and in a manner as set forth in the Competition Rules. Failure of a timely response to the award will result in the prize being forfeited and awarded to an alternate winner. If a prize notification is returned or deemed undeliverable, a prize is refused, or the potential winner is disqualified for any reason, an alternate winner may be selected as set forth in the Competition Rules. Acceptance of the prize constitutes permission for Fan Expo to use the winner’s name, hometown, likeness, statements, and other personally identifiable information for promotional, advertising and marketing purposes in any media throughout the world without any additional prize, incentive, consideration, consent or review, and upon request, winner will provide to Fan Expo written consent to such use. The odds of winning a sweepstakes or drawing depend upon the number of eligible entries received. The decision of Fan Expo in any Competition is final and conclusive.


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